A calming gizmo for anxious pets

The RelaxoPet PRO will soothe stressed-out dogs and can activate itself when your pet is home alone

Jonathan Margolis

I recently bought a large, organic, shaggy woollen rug from an amazing water-powered wool mill in rural Transylvania. (It’s in the village of Lisa, if you’re passing.) I love the rug a lot, but not as much as the Technopolis dog, Jumble the cockapoo, does. He is exactly the same colour and texture and snuggles down on the thing as if he is trying to merge with it. I think it’s just possible he regards the rug as a large, oblong lady dog.  

When he’s away from his carpet friend, he can be a slightly anxious hound – especially in the car. This sonic dog-relaxing device from Germany seems to calm him completely when he is stressed out. Being human, I can’t actually hear it, so I can’t vouch first hand for how calming it is and what the calming sensation is like, but the effect on Jumble is almost instant. The RelaxoPet PRO is clever in other ways too. It has microphones to detect whether the external sound levels are such that your pet might get stressed out, even if he or she is home alone. When it detects such sounds, it switches itself on for half an hour to calm things down. The RelaxoPet PRO also comes in cat and horse flavours.